woman walking on treadmill exercise

Running on treadmill

Researchers from The University of Exeter and the University of Leicester found brief bursts of 60 to 120 seconds per day of high-intensity, weight-bearing activity can improve women’s bone health by 4 percent. For premenopausal women, this means a medium-paced run; for postmenopausal women, a slow jog.

Bone health is an important issue, especially for women. Osteoporosis is the thinning of bones, and can result in fractures of the hip, back, and wrists with age. While postmenopausal women may be particularly susceptible, we men are at also at risk as we age. When possible, it is wise to begin to optimize bone health when we are young.

This study is cross-sectional, meaning that the researchers analyzed data from a subset of the population at one specific time point). As such, we cannot say if the one-minute workout yielded better bone health, or alternatively if people with stronger bones simply tend to do more of this kind of exercise. Still, given that more exercise appears better for your bones, it is likely that the more you do, the greater the benefit to your bones. strength training with weights can help us to build and maintain bone integrity. Still, if you are not into really intense exercise, aim for a good walk each day. I’m Dr. Michael Hunter.

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