A new study finds that you can skip the two-a-day bootcamps, fancy equipment, and health retreats. Here’s what may allow you to keep depression at bay: Get an hour of physical activity every week.

Researchers analyzed the health and exercise habits of more than 33,000 adults over the age of 11 years old, publishing their findings in the American Journal of Psychiatry. They found that participants who did not exercise were 1.44x more likely to experience depression. And the good news for the less adventurous amongst us? They did not even need to break a sweat to get the benefits. Low levels of aerobic intensity proved as effective as vigorous ones. This study adds to previous findings of the benefit of limited exercise, including a 2017 study that discovered that adding just 48 minutes of walking to your weekly routine could prevent major mobility disabilities in the future. So, get out of that cubicle and get off that sofa. Just getting up and moving around each day can significantly improve your well-being. I’m Dr. Michael Hunter.